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With some few mouse clicks pdf-FieldMerge allows to fill in existing PDF form fields automatically
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20 September 2012

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The need for merging PDF documents together extends to a large amount of PDF users as well as developers who wants to develop application merging PDFs. So get the hands on pdf-FieldMerge 9.x that will enable you to accomplish your tasks easily. This software is developed by UNIVERSE Software GmbH is a simple and effective solution that aids in generating tamper-proof PDF documents making it sure for supporting all fields that ought to be filled using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software application also comes with series of other features that makes it a handy tool not only for office goers but also students and teachers. The interface of this software application is straight forwardly designed enabling any user to use the tool very easily. Which means you won’t find any difficulty working with this application.

As we are going to discuss the features of this application one thing we can confirm and say that they are really brilliant and edges way better than any of the utilities in the range. With this tool you can not only merge variable data but also merge CSV files and graphics with PDF forms. This software application also uses files from different PC databases, spreadsheets as well as from custom mainframe queries. After merging you can save the files into a single or several PDF documents. With it you also will be able to export entire entries as FDF file and XFDF files. pdf-FieldMerge 9.x supports all versions of Adobe and allows flawlessly allows execution of PDF documents. This application also supports digital right management of Adobe.

pdf-FieldMerge 9.x deserves a score of 4 star out of 5 for its overall performance, number of features and functionalities its proffers plus easy to use interface it comes with. So get this fantastic tool and start getting the PDF documents merged with different applications.

Publisher's description

With some few mouse clicks you fill in PDF form fields with pdf-FieldMerge automatically. Form fields may be filled with data during the merge process, which cannot be altered afterwards, while fields in other parts of the form can be filled out or corrected manually by the user. The advantage of pdf-FieldMerge Server is that it produces secure, tamper-proof PDF documents while supporting fields that can be filled out or corrected using Adobe© free Acrobat Reader.
Process data from a database, a spreadsheet or a csv file to your PDF form - singularly or en masse - automatically or manually. Without any programming or some special IT know-how. pdf-FieldMerge provides you with all features to fill in forms fields from a database in series. Select all properties with some clicks.
pdf-FieldMerge filled PDF forms with different structures from a single data source. The use of reference tables remove the need to adapt the form structure to the data structure! The structure of the reference table is facilitated by the row-wise export of field names from the PDF form.pdf-FieldMerge
Create a workflow that automatically provides user with a (confirmation) PDF. Streamline mail-merge letters via PDF! Call up pdf-FieldMerge from other applications automatically and set up efficient customer communications!
Using Adobe's digital rights management (DRM) allows PDF forms with special rights, as appropriate, including the local store in Adobe Reader. Changing these forms may result, however, that the PDF form is rendered unusable. For example, in an automated filling the PDF form from the outside pass. pdf-FieldMerge recognize in the latest version of the Digital Rights and fills the forms without the PDF form to modify rights. The PDF forms can be more fully used! Supports ISO character sets for CSV data!
Version 9.x
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